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Website Consulting

Website Consulting Services
Feeling overwhelmed by all the options available in creating a website? Not sure if something is a good deal, or right for you? Have a site that you paid good money for but it is not delivering leads like you thought it would.

At VPN Marketing Group, your best interest is our highest concern. If you are uncertain about how to go about developing a site, or if you are not sure if your current site is really doing its job, we offer consulting services that can save you time and money.

Website Plans without Implementation
If you prefer to develop in-house, we can layout a plan that will make certain you have the necessary ingredients to produce a valuable end result.

The VPN Group Customer
There are times when our company is not right for a client. Perhaps, their budget is simply too small to justify even one of our small websites. Several times, we have referred our clients to vendors other than ourselves because we felt it was in their best interest. Did we lose a sale? Yes. But, did we do the right thing? Most certainly!

Assistance with Functionality
We have also assisted clients in refining their goals for their sites. Sometimes, because a competitor is offering an expensive service online, it seems to our clients that they should be, too. And, many times, they should. But, there are times when the cost-benefit ratio just doesn't justify the functionality. We can assist you in making wise decisions that will help you make the best use of your advertising dollars.

Upgrade vs Site Overhaul
We have had clients come to us for help when they really only needed minor upgrading. We recommended the upgrade and saved them thousands of dollars.

The VPN Philosophy
Our philosophy is that if we are honest and truly watch out for our client's welfare, we will get positive word of mouth referrals and long-term, satisfied customers.

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